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Fire Belly Organic Lawn Care honestly believes we can make the world a much better place by simply changing the way we treat our lawns.  When we eliminate the overuse of dangerous pesticides and chemical fertilizers we are taking a step towards saving the environment and creating a healthier world for our children, pets and families.

Located in New Hampshire, Fire Belly provides a seasonal, do it yourself, six step organic lawn care program to customers all over The United States and Canada.  We are also a leading provider of organic lawn care products to the organic lawn care applicator industry.  By simplifying process in which you can treat your lawn organically Fire Belly leads the way in converting turf care programs from a dangerous chemical process to a safe natural approach.

Fire Belly is dedicated to providing effective environmentally responsible products that address soil biology. Our horticultural products feed the soil through the introduction of select beneficial microbial species allowing them to facilitate the natural processes inherent to healthy plant growth. We blend a diverse array of beneficial soil microorganisms with natural plant extracts and organic nutrients to create microbial systems. These natural systems simultaneously feed the soil and the plant, which allows plants to grow to their full genetic potential

Direct to Consumer  We ship our program and products directly to our customers homes on a seasonal schedule allowing them to take the guesswork out of treating their lawn organically.

For Landscape and Lawn Care Companies  We provide all of our products to other industry companies who offer full organic services to their own customer base.  There is no quantity too small or too large for us to handle.

Consulting  If you are a municipality, university, golf course,  care taker of an estate or responsible for the care of turf on any large scale basis we can help you make the conversion to a natural approach.  We can put together a plan for an immediate switch over or create a five year conversion process that will ensure the success of your project.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for such responsive and wonderful customer support! I appreciate this very much. Say, are you able to share with me how I gain access to my soil test?

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